Our Process

Five "turn-key" steps for consistent lead generation results.

The 5-Step Marketable Process

The 5-Step 

Marketable Process



The first thing you need is to set goals and differentiate from your competitors.

STEP 1/5

Customer Profiling

Next, your customers are profiled, to find the ones most likely to buy from you.

STEP 2/5

Build Assets

Now, it's time to create compelling designs and copywriting that your customers resonate with.

STEP 3/5


This is where it gets really exciting, because your sales are about to explode!

You'll kick-start your campaign, which is monitored and optimized almost daily for maximum lead generation results.

STEP 4/5


You've already doubled your leads and sales at this point, but it's time to aim higher!

We'll advise you on what else you need for even greater results! 

STEP 5/5

What To Expect

Month 1
  • Set-up of Business & Ad Accounts
  • Build Campaign Assets
  • Launch of Lead Generation Campaign
Month 2
  • Immediate Generation of Leads
  • Ad Set Monitoring & Optimization
  • Launch of Additional Campaign Assets 
Month 3
  • Improved Generation of Leads
  • Ad Budget Review
  • Scaling, Automation & Tapping Into New Markets

Pros & Cons


  • Consistent & Frequent Leads Every Month
  • Great Foundation For Scaling Your Business
  • Highly Measurable & Trackable R.O.I.
  • Efficient & Budget-Friendly Campaigns


  • Requires Commitment (minimum 3 months)
  • Requires Digital Marketing Expertise (We'll take care of this)
  • Requires Frequent Monitoring (We'll take care of this too)
  • Too Many Leads (You'll need to hire more customer-facing staff)


If you have fires to put out (staffing problems, cash flow issues), you may need to fix those headaches before launching a lead generation campaign. 

If your business is ready to scale (get tons of new customers), then this would be a highly suitable strategy for you.


At Marketable, we believe that digital strategies can transform your business more than you ever thought possible. 

Sales breakthroughs are just a click away.