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3 Questions Your Customers Are Always Asking You

3 Questions Your Customers Are Always Asking You

(Here’s a hint: It’s not about your credentials or experience)

Wondering why your ads or website content isn’t bringing in more customers for you?

There might be plenty of visitors going to your website, but if they aren’t converting into customers for you, then there are three critical things that you might be overlooking.

When visitors land on your website / come across your Facebook ad, There are many things going through their heads.

And if you don’t answer these three important questions, they won’t think that you have the solution for them.

1.     “What’s in it for me?”

If they can’t see the benefit for them, then they won’t have a reason to hear you out.

And if they don’t have a reason to stick around, your potential customers are going to turn their focus to another Facebook post or YouTube video.

Instead, hold their attention by giving them a strong benefit that they can’t easily get elsewhere (make sure you’re talking about their benefits, not features of what you’re selling that they can’t relate to).

2.     “Does this person understand me?”

If you’re telling your story on your website, do potential customers feel it’s something they’ve gone through?

Or is it a story that they can’t relate to?

They need to know that you understand them.

You can do this by displaying the successes you’ve created for previous customers on your website and even ads.

You can talk about how you went through EXACTLY what they did, and how you solved this exact problem.

Better yet, you can put up videos of your customers speaking about your work and their experience. After all, your prospects will trust a review more than they trust a company’s own words about themselves

If you’re not sure what to say about your past customers, a good place to start is by asking them!

You might even be able to recall the same details that keep repeating from customer to customer. If you can put these details in your ads and landing pages, don’t be surprised to see an uptick in inquiries and sales!

3.     Do you know my problem better than me?

You can mention great benefits and compelling stories about previous customers, but there’s an even quicker way to gain immediate attention; that is to lay out the problem better than anyone else can

One way to do it is to lay out a simple process that your customers can understand, and more importantly, feel that it’s possible to solve their problem through you.

Imagine – hypothetically – that you injured your leg in an accident, but every doctor you’ve been to couldn’t tell you what’s wrong. Worse – they couldn’t prescribe anything that worked.

But just this morning, you saw a Facebook post that didn’t just talk about a pain in the leg, but also talked about a specific therapy that could relieve your pain in 1-2 months?

That’s a strong, confident promise. If I had that knee pain, I’ll definitely click on that.

One more thing…

Ever wondered how Steve Jobs sold billions of iPhones and MacBooks?

(Total iPhone sales stand at 2.2 billion as of November 2018, before Apple stopped reporting sales figures.)

His secret is in simple and clear messaging, both in his product design, website, and advertisements. Apple ads tend to focus on a single, clear proposition and Jobs’ presentations are always so simple that even kids could understand.

If you want to attract customers en masse like that, simplicity is not just a recommendation – it’s a requirement.

Easy to say, but it’s much harder to do. Try it for yourself and see!

If you would like to start attracting millions of potential customers, there are 2 ways you can start: by launching your own marketing campaign, or ask us for the quickest and most cost-effective method.

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Isaac is a copywriter and marketer with a knack for creating demand with his work, honed over years of customer acquisition projects.

He's on the never-ending pursuit to understand consumer behavior and develop the ideas that ultimately drive business results.

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